Glutathione Can Prevent Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s Disease is a plague on our nation and our planet, affecting over one-third of our elderly population. Destroying lives, personalities and most importantly our memories and identity.

Once signs of Alzheimer’s Disease are apparent, it is often too late for recovery. This makes Prevention the key to warding off this deadly disease. While no outright cure exists for Alzheimer’s Disease, we have to think about the disease in a different light. Instead of treating the disease once it has begun to take its toll on our cognitive function, we must instead prevent Alzheimer’s from the beginning in the first place. This is where the excitement of countless studies on Alzheimer’s Disease and natural supplements comes into play.

Do you know the importance of…

  • glutathione (GSH) and how to increase it in your body?
  • proper hydration and how to maintain it?
  • proper diet for a healthy immune system?
  • taking less supplements to become more healthy?
  • simple affordable ways to attain holistic health?

Glutathione or GSH, proper hydration and Immune boosting diets will become a household terminology in the future. Embrace these five keys or principles and enjoy better health, decrease in disease symptoms and a longer, more productive life. One phenomenon that has gained a strong foothold as a lead player in Alzheimer’s pathology is ‘oxidative stress’. Oxidative metabolism – the process that yields all cells the energy required for survival – produces highly reactive oxidative by-products, which if not curtailed wreak absolute havoc on a neuronal cell. To defuse these oxidizing products, the brain cells manufacture antioxidants, which act to police and neutralize these rabble-rousers. The predominant of these brain antioxidants – Glutathione aka GSH– has long been indirectly implicated in Alzheimer’s: from postmortem brains to cell models of the disease, research has repeatedly offered indirect evidence for depletion of GSH levels in Alzheimer’s disease.

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