• Introducing I-shape IV: A Slimmer and Healthier You!

    Introducing I-shape IV: A Slimmer and Healthier You!

    Introducing the Revolutionary I-shape IV: Your Shortcut to a Slimmer and Healthier You!  No need for the traditional weight loss methods when you have the all new effortless slimming with I-shape IV! This Intravenous Therapy is design to assist in shedding those stubborn kilograms and finally achieve the body of your dream.  How does it work ? With a powerful blend of fat burning agents,...
  • Common skincare 'cures' that don't help your skin!

    Common skincare 'cures' that don't help your skin!

    We are so quick to jump on our phones or laptops to google any cures or remedies for our concerns. These quick fixes are often so detrimental to our skin and only show temporary help.Our skin is the largest organ in your body and our first line of defense against the world, therefore we need to take good care of it.Let's dive deeper into...
  • Understanding Melasma

    Understanding Melasma

    UNDERSTANDING MELASMA A LITTLE BETTER.  Learn about the causes, triggers, and common misconceptions surrounding Melasma. Our expert will guide you through the science and help you understand. Melasma can be complex, with different types of melasma. This is why it is so important to see an experienced practitioner who can use their expertise, identify the type of melasma and create a plan.  Melasma is...
  • Are IV Drips The Fountain of Youth ?

    Are IV Drips The Fountain of Youth ?

    IV Therapy has been said to have so many benefits from increasing energy and strengthening your immune system, to improving skin quality and promoting skin radiance.  IV Drip therapy delivers nutrients to the body directly, bypassing the digestive process, which leads to quicker results. You only absorb about 50% of the nutrients digested by pills, intravenous therapy increases it to 90%.  Specifically, the Glutathione...
  • P2 B12 Sublingual Spray

    P2 B12 Sublingual Spray

    Absorbing not enough vitamin B12 through your diet may be from eating too little meat or following a vegan/vegetarian diet. Our body needs B12 for various important processes and is found in animal foods such as fish, meat, or dairy products.  Below we will dive deeper into what tasks B12 carries out in our body, what symptoms to look out for when we lack...
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