Common skincare 'cures' that don't help your skin!

We are so quick to jump on our phones or laptops to google any cures or remedies for our concerns. These quick fixes are often so detrimental to our skin and only show temporary help.

Our skin is the largest organ in your body and our first line of defense against the world, therefore we need to take good care of it.

Let's dive deeper into what may harm our skin more than we think!

1. Facial Cleansing brushing is something you need to be very careful of. This is a device that many use to exfoliate their skin and clean dirt of the skin. These devices are definitely not catered for everyone's skin type and may be too firm and overstimulate the skin

2 Using coconut oil on your skin if you are acne prone may clog your pores and leave your skin worse off than it was. We suggest using our lightening cleanser from Zen Medi Spa to brighten your complexion without drying the skin and prevent your skin from looking 'dull'

3. Although makeup wipes may seem very beneficial in removing makeup at the end of a long day, the only problem is that they do not wipe off as much dirt and clean your skin. often, they just spread dirt and irritate your skin while you scrub your face with the wipe.

4. Everyone seems to love pore strips as peeling the dirt off your face is seen as satisfying. Unfortunately, these strips do not have the power to clean pores. Instead of cleaning your pores with strips, book a consultation with our specialised practitioner to determine the underlying issue.

5. lastly, baking soda is alkaline and can change the PH of your skin as well as damage the barrier, people often use it as it is very cheap and tempting to try rather than spend more money on skincare products. Be very careful with ingredients such as baking soda as it will burn your skin, cause inflammation, and may make your skin go red.

If you have any skin issues, rather see a professional than use of google and expect your skin to magically transform. Transformation comes from the right product and consistent good skincare habits.

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