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Fade to Light IQ Glutathione Transdermal Patches
Best Glutathione Patches for Skin Whitening: Achieve a Radiant Complexion with Nano Blanc.Looking for an effective and easy way to whiten your skin and achieve a radiant, glowing complexion? Look no further than Nano Blanc Glutathione Skin Whitening Patches -...
R 3,100.00
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Nano Blanc Transdermal Patch (Now Called Fade to Light)
Nano Blanc transdermal patches work by lightening your skin from the inside. The active ingredients (glutathione & vitamin C) penetrate directly into the bloodstream to raise glutathione levels which in turn lighten skin, discolorations, dark marks, hyperpigmentation and illuminate the complexion. What...
R 1,800.00
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Md Pix 13% Vitamin C and Ferulic Serum
Md Pix Vitamin C and Ferulic offers advanced skin brightening and antioxidant protection feeding your skin with hydration and nourishment. Now with added Vit B.  This serum contains 13% of stable vitamin c to combat dullness, dehydration, pigmentation and ageing...
R 3,550.00
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