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Glutathione IQ (150ml)
Brighten your skin tone with this master antioxidant. Also known as the “body’s superhero”, glutathione is one of the most vital antioxidants in the body that protects cells from disease, while making your skin look brighter and more beautiful. Also known as...
R 2,950.00
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Md Pix Body Fix (250ml)
New advanced formula for the Body Fix! Corrective treatment for discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Lighten skin tone for the body without irritation, for Elbows, Knuckles, underarms & inner thighs and Face.Promotes an even skin tone.Improves skin clarity.Contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, especially for sensitive...
R 2,800.00
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Md PIX KEAL Knuckle, Elbow, Ankle Lightening (50ml)
Keal is a revolutionary home peel system to target dark areas on the body.  It is also suited to those stubborn areas that have darkened from hydroquinone.  Keal can also be used on the body for the arms and legs....
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Md PIX Surgeons Own (50ml)
Surgeons own is our very own formulae formulated by a plastic surgeon exclusively for ZEN MEDI SPA Used for:Post laser/OperationScar RevisionStretchmarksHyperpigmentationA luxurious moisturiser
R 650.00
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Half Cast Lightening Body Spray (125ml)
A mix of active lightening ingredients in a highly absorbable spray form promotes a lighter and brighter more even skin tone. Size- 125ml SUN ALERT The use of sunscreen is essential with this to maintain the brightening effect.  ACTIVE INGREDIENTS  Vitamin...
R 1,600.00
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Md PIX 3% lightening Cleanser (150ml)
A foaming wash that cleanses without drying the skin. Directions: Use 2-3 pumps and emulsify with water. Massage into the skin for 1-2 minutes and rinse out with cool water until all of the product is removed. Tips: 1. Gently...
R 950.00
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P2 Pigmentation Pack
When it comes to which vitamins we should be taking to keep our hair, skin and Nails the P2 Pigmentation Pack from Nano Blanc is the ideal supplement programme.  P2 Pigmentation Pack proprietary blend can also be an effective skin-lightening...
R 2,500.00
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Fade to Light IQ Glutathione Transdermal Patch (Fabric Dressing)
  FADE TO LIGHT IQ transdermal patches work by lightening your skin from the inside. The active ingredients (glutathione & vitamin C) penetrate directly into the bloodstream to raise glutathione levels which in turn lighten skin, discolourations, dark marks, hyperpigmentation...
R 3,000.00
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Pc Prep 001
R 2,400.00
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HELIOCARE 360° Air Gel
Sunscreen. Normal, combination skin types. Heliocare 360° Airgel, an ultralight mousse that is quickly absorbed to effectively protect against UVA, UVB, Infrared Radiation-A and Visible Light. If you spend time outdoors, Heliocare 360° Airgel is the product for you –...
R 550.00
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P2 Vitamin B Complex Spray
Benefits: Good metabolism.Healthy immune system.Improves memory.Enhance mood.Promotes healthy cell function.Promotes a healthy heart, skin, nails and hair.Simulates the immune system.Boosts skin and health.Forms red blood cells.Healthy neurological function.Increases energy.improves mental health.Great for kids.Perfect for leaky gut and food sensitivities.Reduces brown...
R 330.00
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P2 Vitamin K2 Spray
Benefits: Preventing wrinkling and premature ageing.Supports the improvement of bone health and lowers your risk of osteoporosisPromotes proper brain function.Prevents heart-related diseases. Important in the body's use of calcium to help build bones.Inhibits blood vessel calcification. Directions: Use 4 sprays of...
R 320.00
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P2 Collagen Complex
A recent study has shown that P2 Collagen Complex from the P2 PigmentationPack (fish collagen peptides) reduces facial wrinkles (Crow’s feet/ perioral wrinkles), and improves significantly skin firmness, and skin complexion homogeneity and skin radiance. These are the most recent...
R 1,700.00
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Md PIX N Lighten Celebrity Skin Lightening
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R 10,500.00
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Gobi Cream
R 6,500.00
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Md Pix 13% Vitamin C and Ferulic Serum
Md Pix Vitamin C and Ferulic offers advanced skin brightening and antioxidant protection feeding your skin with hydration and nourishment. Now with added Vit B.  This serum contains 13% of stable vitamin c to combat dullness, dehydration, pigmentation and ageing...
R 3,550.00
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Dark Circle Kit
R 2,300.00
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P2 Vitamin B12 Spray
Benefits: Promotes oral health.Protects vision.Protects nerves.Promotes gut health.Helps prevent heart disease.Boosts energy.Improves mood and symptoms of depression.Improves memory.   Directions: Use 4 sprays of each P2 spray under the tongue, preferred on an empty stomach daily (morning) No need to...
R 350.00
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