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Do Me Bleach my Butt (60ml)
  Have you always felt ashamed of showing off your intimate parts? Most women have issues with dark bikini lines, armpits, and other sensitive areas where the sun doesn’t shine. Get rid of that embarrassing problem with our Bleach My...
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Glutathione IQ Triple Pack (3 x 150ml)
Description 150ml glutathione IQ - 3 BOTTLES   Product packaging may vary depending on country.  Product presentation   3 x 150ml bottles   Directions  For best results we recommend taking Glutahione IQ on an empty stomach 30-60mins before your morning meal or 2...
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Md PIX Oil Cleanser - Organic olive oil based (50ml)
Organic olive oil based. Dissolves make-up and oil without drying. Perfect for even oily skin types.  
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P2 Collagen Complex
A recent study has shown that P2 Collagen Complex from the P2 PigmentationPack (fish collagen peptides) reduces facial wrinkles (Crow’s feet/ perioral wrinkles), and improves significantly skin firmness, and skin complexion homogeneity and skin radiance. These are the most recent...
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