A unique treatment system for the management of melasma, discolouration and skin pigmentary issues.

What is the Pigmentation Clinic?
The Pigmentation Clinic Is a specialised method of treating Melasma and Stubborn pigmentary disorders.  This system was formulated and developed by Aesthetic Holistic Practitioner Nabila Carrim. "At the beginning of my practice over 20 years ago, I  saw the failures with other skin care systems and brands.  We generally test potential brands before offering them at our practice.   we have had experience by purchasing and testing several major brands some of which are quite popular with minimal results.  From the onset, we haven't been convinced with these methods of treatments and therefore chose not to stock them.   We are laser specialists and have the ability to treat these pigmentary disorders with the vast array of lasers that we have.  However, It is sometimes inconvenient for the patient as they require multiple visits and can also be time-consuming for the patient.  Furthermore, it also is difficult for those who live far off to have treatment.   We also found that considering that I perform all the treatments myself I noticed that it was difficult to fit everyone in when necessary.

My interest grew and I kept investigating solutions.  Being a melasma patient myself I started to look deeper at how I could help myself without laser as i couldn't possibly treat myself!

I then contacted several specialists internationally and after 10 years of trials and testing and collaboration The Pigmentation Clinic system was developed.

Why is it different?
The programme works! It works on melasma, including Post Inflammatory Pigmentation which is usually pigment that has occurred from other forms of therapies or injuries. The system even targets uneven skin colour and discolouration due to the high levels of actives that are introduced to each patient based on their skin type and tolerance and are made per the individuals' requirements. We also incorporate Naturopathic medicine as well as supplements with providing a lasting result with very minimal rebounding if any at all.  Rebounding is a condition whereby the melasma and pigment come back worse, and sometimes with a vengeance.   This is usually seen with traditional forms of therapies such as hydroquinone usage.

Is this programme available for other clinics to purchase?
No, as it is the intellectual property of Zen Medi Spa and Nabila Carrim.

I do not live in Durban, can I benefit from this?
Yes, this system is designed for those who want to achieve results in the comfort of their home with the advice and supervision of the practitioner.  No matter where you are situated in the world we can courier to you and change the way your skin looks! in fact, some of the best results have been noted with patients who we have not even seen and were only treated via virtual consultations.

Is it available without a consult?
As this is an individualised programme an online virtual consult via zoom or WhatsApp is required prior to purchase.

Does it work on eczema scars?
Yes the system can be used on eczema scarring as long as the eczema or any related skin condition is not active.

Will the treatment work for everyone?
The treatment is 99% successful. The consult is important to determine the timeline required for treatment.  Any failures noted are usually from treatment abandonment and not following the recommended protocol.

Can you use the programme if you are pregnant?
We will guide you as to what products would be safe to use from the programme when pregnant and will assist you in maintaining healthy skin to prevent new pigment from forming during this hormonal shift.

Can you use the system on the body?
We are currently developing systems suited for the body.

What is the cost of the system?
Depending on the melasma and discolouration type, we have programs that start at R10 000 for the basic introductory plan and go up to R25000 for the full benefit plan.

What happens when I stop the programme?
Melasma is best treated with management once the result is achieved.  We then prescribe stabilising products for long-term use which are at cost-effective packages.  

Can I stay on the plan forever?
With our guidance, we will advise you on product usage and safety.

What happens to my existing skincare?
We will guide you if any of your existing products can be utilized with our programme.

Do you have before and after pictures?
Yes, all our testimonials and before and after pictures that have been allowed for disclosure are on our social media page.

How much is the consultation?
R550 paid in advance.

I do not have pigmentation.  I have an uneven skin colour.  Is the system suitable for my skin?
Yes certainly! When one has an uneven skin color one has a higher chance of developing hyperpigmentation due to the unstable nature of the skin.  Using the pigmentation clinic products will assist in evening out the skin color and reducing the chances of developing hyperpigmentation in the future.
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