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The Pro Box Set
The Pro Box Set
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The Pro Box Set

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Ever heard of professional treatments using 24K gold devices, touted by celebrities is doctors offices? 

Now you can administer the same treatment in the convenience of your home at the fraction of the cost!  The Pro Skin Box Set contains all the tools required for a safe & effecrtivw treatment in the comfort of your home.

Included in the pack is 

1 x Glow 24K Micro infusion device with sterilising solution, with 20micro needles made of 24K gold  at a depth of 0.5mm.  These needles are thinner than a strand of your hair delivering precision ingredients into where the skin needs it!

(This device can be used up to an average of 4-5 time)

Numbing cream

Two Professional Strength Serums - These have been traditionally used at Medi - Spas and Dermatologist offices also known as PDRN Skin booster injections which are now available for you to use with the Glow Micro Infusion Device

PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) Serum

PDRN Benefits

-Stimulates collagen and elastin production
-Speeds up tissue regeneration including dark underage circles 
-Repairs damage from within the deeper layers including creepy thin skins
-Diminishes dark spots, melasma & discoloration⁠ 
-Improves elasticity
-Brightens skin tone
-Strengthens skin barrier
-Refines pore size
-Has excellent biocompatibility with human skin
-Imparts a progressive and long-lasting effect

PDRN is ideal for individuals with:

Slow healing – post-acne hyperpigmentation, lesions on face, dark spots,
Early-onset of aging-like changes – loss of density, dry, dull, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and general skin health.


EGF Serum (Epidermal growth factor) with Skin Lightening agents

Epidermal Growth Factor is a protein that naturally occurs in human skin. “EGF stimulates cells in the skin called fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin to thicken and tighten skin.  The amount of EGF we're naturally born with decreases with age, which partly explains the thinning and loosening of the skin — because normal levels of EGF keep the skin thick. Did you know that scientists who discovered EGF won a Nobel Prize for their work… it’s that big of a deal.

Since EGF encourages the proliferation of cells, it’s a natural healing agent.  Studies have shown an improvement in aging changes, including wrinkles and rough texture & significantly improved brown spotting, skin texture, pore size, red spotting, and wrinkles.


This treatment can be administered at 2-4 week intervals.